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Clarke & Staples Funeral Homes, Inc.

Are you hearing more and more, You need to pre-plan?
Do you ask yourself why?

Here are a few good reasons:

  • Your wishes are carried out exactly as you wish
  • It takes the burden off of your family when the time comes
  • Lock in your funeral costs and pay today's prices, tomorrow
  • Your funds are placed into an interest gaining trust
  • It's a responsible and thoughtful thing to do!

People around the U.S. pre-plan their funerals everyday and over
the years it has proven to be so helpful when the time comes. When all of
the arrangements are planned, we simply handle everything while your
family takes the time to be among friends and family instead of having
the difficult task of wondering if you would have liked the arrangements,
the service choice, the casket and all of the small details that go into a

Most of us at one time or another have had to make these decisions and it
can become overwhelming during the at need process with so many
choices available today. We encourage you to call our offices and schedule
a meeting with a member of our staff to discuss your pre-planning
questions. We will gladly come to your home or office and of course our
door is always open. You can also feel free to use our free online
pre-planner and we can have most of the information needed when we
meet with you.



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